WuestUtilities Mod

What is WuestUtilities Mod


Mod for today that I want to introduce to you is WuestUtilities Mod which is comparable with Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.10/1.8.9, 1.9, 1.9.4. It is created by WuestMan and is designed to be an “Ease of Life” mod for vanilla Minecraft.


Recipes for vanilla items/blocks have been added. Click the spoiler to see all of the recipes which have been added.

All of these recipes can be disabled in the configuration, however a restart of Minecraft is required when changing these settings.

  • Smelt undamaged vanilla armors back to their crafted pieces.
  • Smelt rotten flesh into leather. (It’s the “Hello World” of modding).
  • The following wood recipes have been added for the vanilla wood varieties
    • Wood slabs in a 2×2 square into 4 sticks
    • Wood slabs on top of each other back into 1 plank
    • Wood stairs on top of each other back into 3 planks
  • The following stone recipes are added for vanilla stone varieties.
    • Stone stairs on top of each other back into 3 blocks.
    • Stone slabs on top of each other back into 1 block.
  • 4 feathers and 1 string turns into 1 white wool (it’s in a cross formation with the string in the middle.
  • Added a nether star recipe for those whom don’t want to fight the wither.
    • 1 Wither Skull in each corner.
    • 1 Diamond Block in the middle.
    • 1 Quartz block on each side of the Diamond Block.
  • Added recipes for the chainmail armor
    • These recipes will require iron and leather.
  • Added recipe for Glowstone Dust.
    • 1 Redstone Dust + 1 Gun Powder + 1 Yellow Dye = 2 Glowstone Dust.
  • If Copper, Tin or Aluminum ingots have been registered in the OreDictionary, a recipe for Shears and Bucket will be registered for those ingots.


The added commands can be used even in survival or on servers where cheats are disabled.

The “Home” command has been added.

By typing /home in the chat, the user will be teleported to the last bed they occupied in that dimension.

This will not work in the Nether or End.

If you haven’t slept in a bed yet or are in a dimension where a bed cannot be slept in, a message will appear saying it could not find the bed.

Note: If you sleep in a bed and then destroy it, you will still be teleported to the location where your bed was. This is because Minecraft holds your bed location until you die and the game tries to re-spawn you.

Extra Functionality:

  • Right-click crop harvesting.
    By right-clicking on a crop, this mod adds functionality for you to automatically harvest the crop if it as full growth.It will also re-plant the seed of the crop if you have the appropriate seed in your inventory.This may not work with all mod plants but does work with vanilla crops (wheat, carrots, potatoes).
  • Tall Grass drops additional food items.
    The drops from Tall Grass has been updated so the following items can be dropped from it. These items will drop at about half as often as wheat seeds do currently.
    – Beetroot Seeds
    – Potato
    – Carrot


  • Starting House
      • This item is added to the player’s inventory the first time they join the world (or first time joining the world with the option on) and is used to create a simple player house.
      • When using the item, a configuration screen is shown to the user so they can defined the look and contents of the house.
        • If the user chooses to cancel out of the configuration screen the house is not built.
      • The house is built at the location the item is right-clicked on and the player is teleported to that location (so the block generation doesn’t kill them). It also clears a 10-block radius and 15 block height area around the player before the house building starts. This is so there is an open area for the house.
      • The house always faces north as this made placement of the blocks a lot easier.
      • The house structure materials and contents can be changed in the configuration file which can be changed manually or changed in the “Mod Options” menu item on the title screen or the pause menu.
        • The walls can be any of the vanilla varieties of wood planks.
          • The door and outside stair will be the same type of wood as the walls.
        • The floor can be Stone Brick, Brick (the red ones) or Sandstone.
        • The ceiling can be Stone Brick, Brick (the red ones) or Sandstone.
        • The ceiling can be flat or vaulted (made of stairs).
        • Torches can be added on the inside of the house.
          • There will be 1 torch per wall.
      • A sign will be posted outside the house next to the stair with the following message.
        • This is
        • [Insert Player’s name]
        • House!
      • The house can be decorated with the following items. These can all be turned off in the configuration.
        • Bed
        • Crafting table (with furnace that has 20 coal).
        • Double Wide Chest.
        • If a chest is added it can have the following contents.
          • All stone tools/sword.
          • 20 Bread.
          • 3 wheat seeds.
          • 3 potatoes.
          • 3 carrots.
          • Full set of leather armor.
          • Full stack of cobblestone
          • Full stack of dirt
          • 3 oak saplings
        • Outside torches. There will be multiple torches on each wall.
          • If the ceiling is flat there will be multiple torches on the roof.
          • If the ceiling is vaulted it will have 1 torch at it’s peak.
        • Outside farm.
          • This farm is added on the north side of the house. It will be set up as follows.
            • 3 water sources in a line with a glass block and torch above them.
            • Farmland will surround the water sources on each side (including the corners).
            • See the pictures for a better idea.
  • Bed Compass
      • This item is crafted with a bed and a compass in any location in the crafting grid.
      • When the item is right-clicked it will provide an overlay on the left of the screen for 8 seconds to show how far away you are from your bed.
      • If you haven’t slept yet you will get a chat message saying that the bed wasn’t found.
      • Note: If you destroy your bed but haven’t slept yet, it will still point to the location of your old bed as Minecraft holds this information until you die or re-join the world. This is not a bug.
      • The recipe for this item can be disabled in the configuration.
        • This requires a Minecraft restart.
  • Swift Blades – For Minecraft 1.9
      • This is a new sword family which is similar to the vanilla swords except for 1 key aspect.
      • No delay!
      • They can be enchanted like normal swords and can be repaired and used in the anvil in the same way.
      • Swift Blades do not have a “sweep” attack like the vanilla swords so Swift Blades behave just like the swords from pre-1.9.
      • The recipes are very simple as you need a stick in the lower left/right corner of the crafting rid, and then the blade material (planks, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond) in the middle slot and in the upper right/left corner.
        • Use Just Enough items for a better idea :).
      • The recipe for this item can be disabled in the configuration.
        • This requires a Minecraft restart.


  • Redstone Clock
  • Dirt Slabs – for 1.9+
  • Dirt Stairs – for 1.9+
  • Dirt Wall – for 1.9+
  • Grass Slabs – for 1.9+
  • Grass Stairs – for 1.9+
  • Grass Wall – for 1.9+
  • Enriched Farmland – for 1.9+
  • Redstone Scanner – For 1.9.4
  • Mini Block of Redstone – For 1.9+


You can use this in any mod pack.

Please provide feedback on additional recipes to add (using vanilla blocks/items is preferred).

If you find issues please let me know.

Mod ScreenShots




How to install

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod!

Download links

Mods For minecraft 1.10.2


Mods For minecraft 1.10


For minecraft 1.9.4


For minecraft 1.9


For Minecraft 1.8.9


For Minecraft 1.8

For Minecraft 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.6.4

Credit: WuestMan

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