What You Need For a Self Sustaining Fish Tank

What You Need For a Self Sustaining Fish Tank

What You Need For a Self Sustaining Fish Tank

A self sustaining fish tank is ideally for those who love to keep some lively creatures not only for entertainment and aesthetic purpose but for their own habit as well.

So what do you need for your self sustaining fish tank? Depending on your own wish of how your fish tank will look like and the size of it. Let’s discuss about some pros and cons of each type:

There are many ways to make a self sustaining fish tank from a small fish bowl to a 200 gallon tank, each goes with its own difficulties and rewards.

A small bowl

Pros: Need not much space, take less time to set up, cheap.

Cos: may not enough room for diversity and representation of the ecology, less room for error, nitrates build up faster, plants outgrow the allotted tank space faster.

Overall: good for examination and experiment, hard to keep the ecosystem lasts long.

Medium sized aquarium (10-30 gallons)

Pros: have more room for plants to thrive and other living creatures to live, take not too much space and quite easy to set up.

Cons: The aquarium and substrate (sand, gravel, etc) will cost more/ take more time to collect than in a smaller set up, still not large enough for ideal sustainability over long periods of time.

Overall: probably typical size for the average hobbyists with only moderate space and a strong interest in developing a sustainable aquarium.

Large aquariums (60-200+ gallons)

Pros: A very large aquarium, especially one over 100 gallons allows large room for sustainability, several different species of more complex organisms and the highest chances of sustainable longevity.

Cons: Too big, hard to find enough room and specifically expensive.

Overall: the best choice when maintaining for a long period of time but take so much space and not ideally for many people.

What you’ll need for a self sustaining fish tank:

  1. An aquarium, could be a bow, a jar, a milk jug with the top cut off… all on your wish that enough space to keep and hold the water and capable of letting the sunlight in.
  2. Substrate, preferably a few types for maximum ecological diversity: gravel, sand, and medium sized rocks or river rocks.
  3. Water dechlorinating drops + water.
  4. plants (types covered in more depth later).
  5. decorations/ hiding places. This can be modified on the owner’s wish: rocks, sticks, clay pots, pvc pipes, plastic plants, or store bought decorations like a pirate skeleton and a treasure chest.
  6. a light source: preferably sunlight but not too hot if not it will lead to the death of your fish.
  7. The critters.

Now you have enough materials for your own self sustaining fish tank. Put them in their correct position and enjoy the work.

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