What is Survivalism

What is Survivalism

What is Survivalism

This is a usually asked question with no easy answer laying on the table. Survivalism has many facets and takes many forms. It differs when coming to the mind of everyone. Let’s go to find the correct answer in this article.

The Survival Mindset

At a simplest level, survivalism is a mindset with the goal of keeping a person alive through different circumstances. These circumstances can be lots of things from a devastating flood or typhoon to a nuclear attack or civil war.

Each survivalist has a mental list of “risk situations” which make them different to others. He or she will define that situations as possible threats. Occasionally there is a chance of those situations to occur and the different between a survivalist and other people is that the survivalist always have in mind the preparation for the worst situation when the others choose to ignore it.

In each region, land or space, survivalist always have thoughts about the probably happened situations and think about the method and protocols to handle them.



Material Preparation

One motto of the survivalist is “Prepare for the worst, pray for the best”. An individual must now what and how he will prepare and decide the length and expense of the preparation.

For some people, keeping a weeks worth of canned goods and a kerosene heater around the house may be their way of preparing for a blizzard. For others, they may want not only the food and the heater, but a snowmobile as well. The lengths are different depending on the definition of threats that each survivalist defines. One prepares for the long term while the other consider this preparation as a place to escape.



Skills and Acquisition

Preparation does not only involve acquiring material items but means equipping the skills that you need in order to survive as well. People can purchase tons of material goods and “survival gear” but without skills and knowledge, those goods may be put into the wrong person.

Maybe you do not have enough materials and goods in order to deal with the dangerous situations but with important skills and knowledge and a bright mind, you are still able to pass the risky situations. Learn those necessary skills on TV shows or Internet is not a bad idea.




Prepare for the worst situation is good but not every circumstance are in risk. Determine the upcoming hard situation is important but remember that to prepare you need to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase items and so on. So, have a wise mind and prepare for the worst and for the best.

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