What is Self-Sufficient Living ?

What is Self-Sufficient Living

Self-Sufficient Living

Living a life without depending on the supports of goods from the outside world, grow your own food, make your own source of power, every morning waking up with the front filled by a vegetable garden, a crowd of animals… An independent and free life. Of course I am not here to tell you about the story of Little House on the Prairie, I am talking about Self-Sufficient Living.

Self-Sufficient Living is the capability and implementation of offering your very own needs and the needs of your household without outside supports or resources. It relies on a myriad of knowledge and skills, as well as a spirit of independence and motivation. It is perhaps not for everyone but those who intend to do should be passionate about their reasons.

So why people choose to live a Self-Sufficient Life? Let’s find out some reasons that make them think receiving no aids from the outside world will help them improve their lives:

Preparedness: This tend to be the main reasons for self-sufficiency. One someday can feel the desire to be prepared for potential catastrophes such as natural disasters, an end to cheap oil, or any political threats. Preparedness may also be a religious mandate. Learning how to become self-sufficient gives peace-of-mind and security in the event of a disaster.


Political: This is the second popular reason. Nowadays, people are more aware about the government’s policies. When an law is passed and enacted, people tend to look at it with an careful eyes. So be independent at the first place is not a bad idea.

Social: Seeing that the food infrastructure relies too heavily on corn and long distance growers and wish to be off the member of that system is the third reason for one to choose to be self-sufficient living.

Personal: Preparedness maybe the main reason for someone but Personal is itself the most popular reason to have a self-sufficient life. People want to try something new and exotic. They may enjoy raising animals or building their home. And they likely take pride in providing for their family independently. For them it’s about living a satisfying life, working hard and going to bed tired and fulfilled.


Environmental: Worrying about the food safety as there are more cities polluted heavily, people will find their own way to be healthy eating, and Self-Sufficient Living can offer that.

Self-Sufficient may not be a bad idea for those who want to live independently and reach a freedom in own life support.

“Freedom is the greatest fruit of self-sufficiency.” – Epicurus

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