What is a Self Sustaining Business

What is a Self Sustaining Business

What is a Self Sustaining Business

Today we are about to find out what is a self sustaining business and see if your business is self sustaining or not. Self sustaining business, in fact, is what we assist small business owners in growing a self sustaining business.

But how can we recognize a self sustaining business and knowing that you have created one? The answer is quite easy.

Can you step away from your business right now and it will continue to generate a level of revenue and profitability that does not influence your lifestyle and that of your employees?

If the answer firmly be “Yes”, then congratulation you have had your own self sustaining business. If the answer is “No” then you are not there yet.  You’re profitable, but your business needs your presentation in order to create that profit.

A self sustaining business and the business growth cycle

So what is the main reason that prevent businesses to become self sustaining. The main problem is the things that most people usually use to define business success: good revenue, a solid customer-base, a steady stream of business, and, most of all, good profit, are characteristics of the survival stage.


If you have those above-mentioned, you are success but that’s a personal success. Business succeed goes with creating a self-sustaining business.

The main thing is its revenue, solid customer-base, steady stream of business and profits isn’t dependent on a person or set of key people.  All these things are created by business systems which people lost and adding does not influence to the business.


This is a big leap for many business owners. But, it is critical if you ever want to have business success and a self-sustaining business.

Building a self-sustaining business is something that brings back a business value.  Ask any business broker or trusted advisor involved in the transaction of a business sale, they’ll tell you it is the #1 thing true investors look for in a business!

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