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Minecraft mods – the ollections of thousand of mods for you – a gamer of minecraft. These are the best of awesome mods for Minecraft mods 1.9, Minecraft 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.8.3, 1.7.10, 1.7.9, 1.7.5. Where you can find list of top fun, good and cool minecraft mods.
You can also find tutorials and helps to host a minecraft servers, how to get a mods on your minecraft world. How to make a minecraft mod. Building and crafting a mod is a creative job that the creator need a lot of effort, passion and time. So that we find it interesting and helpful to make these mods more available and easy for you to use.
These mods, packs, tools and plugins are created by so many great creaters from minecraft forums. Hope you guys enjoy it in Leave me a message if you have any question.
List of Featured mods for you to try:
Mod one piece 1.8, 1.7.10,
Mod gta 5 minecraft 1.7.10
Car mods for minecraft 1.8
Bmw car mod 1.7.10
Train mod 1.7.10
Flans mod
morph mod
furniture mod
herobrine mod
shaders mod
orespawn mod
pokemon mod
dinosaur mod
tnt mod
dragon mod
xray mod
backpack mod
space mod
aether mod
minimap mod
too many items mod
helicopter mod
weather mod
plane mod

Formivore Generators Mod

What is Formivore Generators Mod Formivore Generators Mod adds three new cities to your world. They are: Walled City, Great Wall and CARuins. Let’s go to the detail about these three. Walled City Creates...

What’s In My Pocket Mod

What’s In My Pocket Mod What’s In My Pocket Mod adds to your Minecraft world a new generating HUD that once press the desired key, it will open the editing GUI (default: f), you will...

Favorite Items Mod

What is Favorite Items Mod Did you ever void your new special sword? Mistakenly threw your pickaxe into the lava along with the cobble you were trying to get rid of? Welcome to Favorite Items...

Nether Essence Mod

What is Nether Essence Mod Nether Essence Mod adds the Nether Essence which will be used to make gunpowder, a new fuel source, and make blocks that can be used for light. The mod also...

Weeping Angels Mod

What is Weeping Angels Mod You are running around your Minecraft world safe and sound because those predictable monsters are not the concern at all. If you are bored long enough, let’s put a...

Best Mazes Mod

What is Best Mazes Mod The content of Best Mazes Mod should be focus on mazes and minotaurs. One thing about the mazes is they are 3 dimensional. That means once you reach an intersection...

More Presents Mod

What is More Presents Mod More Presents Mod adds to your game more gifts so that you can have more presents to share with your friends and other players. Whenever you see your friend...

Fidelis Mod

What is Fidelis Mod Fidelis Mod allows players to soulbind items, preventing important items from being destroyed, lost upon death, or being stolen by other players. The mod lets you to choose which items should be...

Security Mod

What is Security Mod Security Mod adds to your Minecraft world security blocks that only you and the person who place it can open. Main features: Reinforced Blocks: Those blocks can only be broken when...

Growable Goodies Mod

What is Growable Goodies Mod Growable Goodies Mod would be a perfect choice for people who rather grow resources by their own than wasting time on mining them and wait for the fate of...