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Minecraft mods – the ollections of thousand of mods for you – a gamer of minecraft. These are the best of awesome mods for Minecraft mods 1.9, Minecraft 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.8.3, 1.7.10, 1.7.9, 1.7.5. Where you can find list of top fun, good and cool minecraft mods.
You can also find tutorials and helps to host a minecraft servers, how to get a mods on your minecraft world. How to make a minecraft mod. Building and crafting a mod is a creative job that the creator need a lot of effort, passion and time. So that we find it interesting and helpful to make these mods more available and easy for you to use.
These mods, packs, tools and plugins are created by so many great creaters from minecraft forums. Hope you guys enjoy it in Leave me a message if you have any question.
List of Featured mods for you to try:
Mod one piece 1.8, 1.7.10,
Mod gta 5 minecraft 1.7.10
Car mods for minecraft 1.8
Bmw car mod 1.7.10
Train mod 1.7.10
Flans mod
morph mod
furniture mod
herobrine mod
shaders mod
orespawn mod
pokemon mod
dinosaur mod
tnt mod
dragon mod
xray mod
backpack mod
space mod
aether mod
minimap mod
too many items mod
helicopter mod
weather mod
plane mod

Thermal Innovation Mod

What is Thermal Innovation Mod Thermal technology is coming to town. Let’s bring Thermal-style for your equipment and tools. The full list of features has not been updated yet but at the moment, there are...

Thiakil’s Universal Wrench Mod

What is Thiakil’s Universal Wrench Mod Thiakil’s Universal Wrench Mod does only one thing:  Wrench Blocks. (So, technically two; rotation and dismantlement). It behaves as what you might expect a wrench to do. Right click blocks to...

In Control Mod

What is In Control Mod In Control Mod is a simple Minecraft mod that allows you to take full control of where mobs are allowed to spawn. It is based on a rule system. The rule files...

Rubi’s Rubies Mod

What is Rubi’s Rubies Mod Rubi’s Rubies Mod adds to the game uncraftable Gems that could be used as a kind of currency, as well as various blocks to promote trading between players. Each Gem has a...

Debris Mod

What is Debris Mod Debris Mod is a simple Minecraft mod that adds rubble and bone piles to the Minecraft world. When broken they will drop a random selection of items so that you and other Minecraft players...

Wearable Backpacks Mod

What is Wearable Backpacks Mod Wearable Backpacks Mod simple adds backpacks to your game. However, unlike anything you have seen before, Wearable Backpacks Mod inherits the legacy of BetterStorage’s backpacks, and brings with it a beautifully designed and balanced...

Bionisation Mod

What is Bionisation Mod Bionisation Mod adds different kind of virus and bacteria to your Minecraft game that will give you both positive and negative effects. In addition, the mod also adds a biome, where you...

Void Island Control Mod

What is Void Island Control Mod Void Island Control Mod adds a world type for a “void” world that works for multiplayer and teams. The mod comes with 5 default island types that all have some customize configs...

Little Tiles Mod

What is Little Tiles Mod Little Tiles Mod allows you to build anything you want. It allows you to add more detail to everything. You can hammer blocks into tiles which can be 4096 times smaller than an...

Switch-Bow Mod

What is Switch-Bow Mod Switch-Bow Mod adds new improved bows, a quiver to carry arrows around and over 20 new arrows. Switch-Bow: Search the complete inventory and quiver for arrows By sneaking and rotating the...