Download The Ringmaster skin for Minecraft 1.7+

Download The Ringmaster skin for Minecraft 1.7+

The Ringmaster skin

The Ringmaster skin

Interesting information

The ringmaster is the most important person in circuses. It also called a ringleader who is the most visible performer in the modern circus until now. He stage-manages the performance, introduces the many acts and guides the audience through the entertainment experience in big circuses. In smaller circuses, the ringmaster is usually the owner and artistic director of the circus. Recently, ringmasters become a part of the performance such as singing, dancing and telling along with the other entertainers. It consider as profession artist who always open line with the famous phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…”

The ringmaster is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of the show. He will fill time by talking or joking to wait other ready to perform.

The ringmaster is usually attired in a bright with gaudy topcoat and is often red with gold trim and with a tall top hat. The outfit is designed as 18th century gentleman’s riding habit and often includes a whip. Similarly, this skin designed the same this character.

Skin detail

Progress:          100% Complete

Gender:           Male

Format:            1.7+ Only Skin 64×64

Tags:                Game skin, Mod Skin, People Skin, Fantastic Skin

How to install this skin for Minecraft

  1. Download this Skin
  2. Access
  3. Click in your profile
  4. Browse your new Skin
  5. Click to upload image
  6. Enjoy your new Skin

Link to download

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