Steampunk’d mod for Minecraft

Download Steampunk’d mod for Minecraft 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10 (Forge)

What is Steampunk’d mod

If you didn’t get it from the title, this mod is mainly based around a Steampunk theme, with aspects of mechanical engineering thrown in as well. This adds a bunch of new machines, blocks, a Steam Power System, Items and Automatons. So lets get started…

Machines in Steampunk’d mod

The Steam Boiler

The Steam Boiler is the essential machine for producing Steam, it takes in water and a fuel source, and uses it to create Steam. It can have water pumped into it via pipes, or can suck up water from below it. Steam is automatically ejected to its sides, but it can also be piped out.
Steam Heated Furnace

It does what it says on the tin, heats stuff up like a furnace using Steam, it is slightly faster than a regular furnace, and it has a redstone control capability.

The Steam Injector

This machine is used for refueling your Steam powered items and other good things, but we will get to them later, it uses Steam to fill them up, simple eh.


Mod Items

This is just a small selection of some of the items I currently have in the mod. Engineer’s Handbook. This here is the ultimate form of in game documentation, providing you a quick reference for most of the mods content.

The Steam Powered Jetpack
Ever dreamed of being able to fly? Well this here jetpack lets you live out your dreams and fulfill your destiny, by using steam to propel you into the air.

Flight Goggles
However your jetpack can only take you so far, and at high altitudes you can’t really see, so you don’t fly that high, but with the flight goggles it increases your vision by an amazing amount, whilst at the same time being a stylish fashion accessory.

Piston Boots
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because it sure did when I went there using the jetpack, luckily the patented piston boots design that uses Anti Ankle Snap™ technology to break your fall by releasing some steam at just the right time, no more broken ankles and/or legs!

Mechanised Boots
The piston boots are cool and all don’t get me wrong, but you can always go one better, thats where the Mechanised Boots come in. They let you move faster, jump higher, and are just generally awesome, whilst still providing the functionality of the piston boots.

Did I mention this stuff was damn stylish?

Mining Drills
The mining drills come in two tiers, iron and Diamond tipped, they both have the properties of their pickaxe counterparts, however they mine stuff quicker and when they run out of steam, you can refuel them in the Steam injector.

Sabers are swords that pack a bit more of a punch, dealing a little bit more damage per tier, coming in wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond tiers, recipes for these can be found in the engineers handbook.

Other Tools
There is also a selection of other tools in the mod that serve more of a utility purpose, theMonkey Wrench is there for all of your tinkering needs, allowing you to rotate vanilla blocks and mod blocks, along with blocks from other mods. If a machine in the mod ever stops working, it also works as a debug tool and can reboot the machine.

Another tool in the mod is the Hammer that is used within crafting recipes to create other components, along with the ability to be used as a weapon.


Automatons are nifty little robots who are willing to do whatever you want them to do. These are one of the things that I enjoy coding the most, as i belive they have a massive potential.

So…..what are they?
This is an Automaton. 
However he is looking rather lifeless at this moment in time, as he has no plating and hasn’t been told what to do.

So first lets sort out that plating problem, for this you will need an Automaton Tinkering Bench. 
Here you can tinker with them to improve them and make them yours, you start by putting a chassis into the topmost slot, this starts the process. Then an Automaton Mechanism goes into the next slot. Then you add the plating, and the upgrades that you want, you heard me correctly, upgrades. These can manipulate the attributes of the Automaton.

When you’re done tinkering, you hit craft to create the Automaton, like so. 

Thats all good, but this guy still doesn’t have anything to do, and thats where the Punch Cardscome into play. These store the information for the Automaton and tell him what to do. With 960 bits of storage, they provide more than enough data for anybody.

The first step with punch cards is creating a blank one and sticking it in a Punch Card Makeralong with the Engineers Handbook, to provide reference to what it does. Looking like so: 

And hitting craft stamps the Punch Card, storing the data onto it. This is then inserted into the Automaton and you’re away!

The currently implemented programs are Gather, Attack, Farm, and Lumberjack. But I can guarantee there will be more in the future.

There are also a few Miscellaneous Automaton related things, such as the Automaton Reprogrammer to rebind them to a location, and the Automaton Nameplate which acts as a cheap nametag but only for Automatons.

The mod require Forge for 1.7.10 to run,  You can use it in a mod pack, make a review etc, just link back to here or my site.

Author: Nemesis
Progress: 80% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.10
Tags: Minecraft, Mod, Steampunk, Steampunkd, Nemesis, SR2610, New Content

Download Steampunk’d mod for Minecraft [Forge]


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