Special Mobs Mod for Minecraft

What is Special Mobs Mod 1.10.2, 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10

Have you ever felt that your monsters in Minecraft world are lack of variety and kinds? Randomized textures are not sufficient? However, that is what happened in the past. At present, we have found the solution for diversifying the types of mod in Minecraft. Let me introduce the Special Mobs Mod. A promised mod that are destined to make you overwhelmed by its various mobs added.

Special Mobs Mod – 1.7.10, 1.6.4

In short, Special Mob Mod introduces variants to your default Minecraft mods, such as creepers with fiery explosions, skeletons that shoot poisoned arrows, and zombies that leap at you. Not only that, but it allows you adjust all vanilla spawn rates and even make jockeys more common.

Each mob added by this mod has an adjustable rate that affects how popular it is: from never appearing to being the only mob that ever exist. The properties file is generated in the ‘config’ folder in your .minecraft directory.

And now! The most important part: Mobs introducement:

Special Creepers:

Eight new creepers:
* Fire creeper
* Lightning creeper
* Dirt creeper
* Jumping creeper
* Doom creeper
* Armor creeper
* Death creeper
* Ender creeper

Fire Creeper

The fire creeper is immune to fire, lava, and lightning, but water prevents it from exploding while slowly killing it. It also makes a lot of fire when it explodes! Wooden people and houses beware!
Fire creepers often drop fire charges and coal, and will rarely also drop well-made flint and steel.

Lightning Creeper

The lightning creeper is much like any run-of-the-mill creeper with beautiful blue skin — except it causes lightning to strike when it explodes! The actual explosion is pitiful when uncharged, but the lightning will charge other creepers if they are nearby! It does not take damage from lightning and, when charged, its explosion size is that of a normal charged creeper! Ouch!
Lightning creepers often drop redstone dust, and will rarely also drop gunpowder.

Dirt Creeper

The dirt creeper covers itself in mud. You’d think it would cover itself in dirt, considering its name and all, but the creeper’s name, “dirt”, is actually derived from the testificate word “dehrp”, which roughly means “poop”. Also, our scientists say that dirt doesn’t stick to things very well. Completely unrelated to these facts, the dirt creeper creates a glob of dirt instead of destroying the landscape.
Dirt creepers often drop dirt and bread, and will rarely also drop grass.

Jumping Creeper

The jumping creeper will jump ridiculously high and attack from on high! It has a habit of being immune to falling damage and exploding harmlessly in the air above you, but don’t count on that second one.
Jumping creepers often drop glowstone dust, and will rarely also drop gunpowder.

Doom Creeper

The doom creeper knows it’s doomed, so it has rigged itself to also explode if it dies! When killed, its explosion is weakened and does not destroy any blocks, but will explode like a normal creeper otherwise. Even with the dampened explosion, not much is left of the doom creeper after it dies, usually just shattered bones and sandness.
Doom creepers often drop bonemeal, and will rarely also drop ghast tears.

Armor Creeper

The armor creeper is your standard, yellow creeper wearing a cute armored vest and little booties! It has light armor, but is otherwise the same as a normal creeper.
Armor creepers often drop leather, and will rarely also drop gunpowder.

Death Creeper

The death creeper is overflowing with gunpowdery goodness, giving its explosion the strength of TNT! With all that gunpowder spewing from its pores, you’d think it would explode if you lit it on fire, and it does! Be careful.
Death creepers drop more gunpowder than normal, and will rarely also drop TNT.

Ender Creeper

The Ender creeper is the epitome of evil. It teleports around and steals candy from babies, then explodes in your face. Like endermen, the Ender creeper doesn’t take kindly to being looked at. If you value your life, I would suggest wearing a pumpkin on your head and avoiding these guys.
Ender creepers drop ender pearls, and will rarely also drop an ancient weapon of unworldly power, known to the endermen as the Whip of Destruction!

Special Endermen:

Eight new endermen:
* Lightning enderman
* Icy enderman
* Confusing enderman
* Cursed enderman
* Blinding enderman
* Mirage enderman
* Strike enderman
* Ancient enderman

All special endermen drop the block they are carrying when killed!

Lightning Enderman

The lightning enderman smites you down with lightning if you let it touch you! Naturally, it’s immune to lightning, otherwise it wouldn’t be very effective at living.
Lightning endermen often drop redstone dust, and will rarely also drop Ender pearls and eyes of Ender.

Icy Enderman

The icy enderman will freeze you solid if it touches you! Well, almost; you move 90% slower for a couple seconds. Be careful, since getting hit by one of these will make you a sitting duck. Or a frozen duck.
Icy endermen often drop snowballs, and will rarely also drop ice.

Confusing Enderman

Very confusing, the confusing enderman is. Move 10% slower, you will — in the opposite direction! Potion effect, this reverse in movement is, so cure it, milk will. True jedi master, you must be, in order to defeat the confusing enderman.
Confusing endermen rarely drop Ender pearls and eyes of Ender, but usually drop raw fish.

Cursed Enderman

The cursed enderman is cursed to spread curses! If you are hit by one, your attack power and mining speed will go down for a fairly long while. What’s worse is, the more you are hit by the cursed enderman, the stronger the curse becomes! Of course, as everyone knows, drinking milk will completely purge you of any curse, no matter how strong it is.
Cursed endermen often drop fermented spider eyes, and will rarely also drop Ender pearls and eyes of Ender.

Blinding Enderman

The blinding enderman will blind you when it gets near, making it difficult to see where it’s attacking from, and impossible to sprint or score a critical hit. Watch your step!
Blinding endermen often drop ink sacs and ghast tears, and will rarely also drop eyes of Ender.

Mirage Enderman

The mirage enderman is just like any ordinary enderman, except for one thing: it creates mirror images when it teleports! Any time the mirage enderman teleports, it creates a mirror image that will either take the mirage enderman’s place or teleport instead of the mirage enderman! Mirror images only live for ten seconds, have half a heart of health, and can’t deal damage or make more mirror images, but will probably mess with your head.
Mirage endermen often drop silverfish blocks, and will very rarely also drop a sacred (to endermen) harvesting tool.

Strike Enderman

The strike enderman has light armor, but don’t let it fool you. An enderman has twice as much health as a normal mob, so its armor is twice as effective. The strike enderman also (almost) always teleports away the moment it hits you, giving you less time to launch a counterattack. Its skin is actually flint. Weird.
Strike endermen often drop flint, and will rarely also drop Ender pearls and eyes of Ender.

Ancient Enderman

The ancient enderman is a beast of a beast. It has light armor, will blind you when near, will inflict random negative effects on you when it hits you, and regenerates health. While it does regenerate more slowly than other ancients (one heart every three seconds instead of every two seconds), it teleports around, delaying the battle and giving itself more time to heal. Prepare for a lengthy battle, and be warned.
Ancient endermen often drop gold nuggets, and will rarely also drop some of their vast riches, including some of their sacred tools.

Special Ghasts:

Four new ghasts:
* Baby ghast
* Unholy ghast
* Queen ghast
* King ghast

Baby Ghast

The baby ghast is small. If you think it got its name from its size, you’re wrong. It’s a baby. As everyone knows, a baby ghast can’t shoot fireballs, so it will fly towards you to try and sting you. Fortunately for you, it has even less than the normally low ghast health.
Baby ghasts often drop bonemeal, and will rarely also drop gunpowder.

Unholy Ghast

The unholy ghast is somehow able to animate bones right out of the ground to help it kill you! Why would it do that? I wouldn’t say it was over-compensating, but… Anyways, skeletons spawn wherever its fireballs hit.
Unholy ghasts often drop bones and ghast tears, and will rarely also drop a holy sword capable of obliterating the undead.

Queen Ghast

The queen ghast is somewhat like a flying hive, only it’s a ghast and shoots fireballs. When it sees you, it will start spawning baby ghasts to attack you. Once it has spawned five babies, it will start shooting fireballs at you instead. If you or (by cruel fate) one of the queen’s fireballs kill some of its babies, the queen will just make more. Some mother. Also, it regenerates!
Queen ghasts often drop gold nuggets and ghast tears, and will rarely also drop some of their vast riches, including unusually fire-proof armor.

King Ghast

The king ghast is big, bad, and a very fair king (which is why you never see ghasts fighting each other). It has substantial health and armor (for a ghast) and regenerates health over time. In addition, the fireballs it shoots are larger, and roughly equivalent to flying fire creepers. Thankfully, the fireballs are slower and easier to deflect.
King ghasts often drop gold nuggets and ghast tears, and will rarely also drop some of their vast riches, including a kingly crown, sword, and bow.

Special Skeletons:

Five new skeletons:
* Quick skeleton
* Gatling skeleton
* Thief skeleton
* Poison skeleton
* Fire skeleton

All skeletons have a 5/6 chance to be a wither skeleton when spawned in the Nether.

Quick Skeleton

The quick skeleton is, as you might imagine, quick! It moves and shoot a bit faster, but its arrows don’t deal as much damage as usual – also, they wear cool headbands.
Quick skeletons drop feathers and arrows, and will rarely also drop bows that might be enchanted.

Gatling Skeleton

The Gatling skeleton is a lean, mean, shooting machine. If you think headbands are cool, you’re right, but this goggle-wearing skeleton will blow you away, literally! It fires two pathetically weak arrows every second, and move at roughly a snail’s pace! I would suggest running away.
Gatling skeletons drop gunpowder and arrows, and will rarely also drop bows that might be enchanted.

Thief Skeleton

The thief skeleton is ten pounds and eleven ounces of pure evil. Every time it hits you, it’ll take whatever you’re holding right out of your hands, if it thinks its new snatch is better at killing you than what it was holding, it will throw the old item on the ground. Of course, if it doesn’t want the item it steals from you, it throws that on the ground instead.
Thief skeletons usually drop gold nuggets, and will rarely also drop especially thievish golden swords. They will also drop whatever they’re holding.

Poison Skeleton

The poison skeleton is a master of stealth, cunning, and stealing spiders’ eyes. It might strike when you least expect it -– a single hit from one of its poisonous arrows will poison you! The poison lasts for three, six, and nine seconds on easy, normal, and hard difficulties, respectively, and its strength depends on the skeleton’s Poison enchantment.
Poison skeletons drop spider eyes and arrows, and will rarely also drop bows that might be enchanted.

Fire Skeleton

The fire skeleton burns with the flames of a thousand torches! Its arrows are about just as hot (roughly 823 torches), and it wants to fling them in your face! Its arrows are basically the same as those shot by a bow with the Flame I enchantment because its bow has the Flame I enchantment. Water isn’t good for the fire skeleton, and will ultimately kill it. Looks cool with dynamic lighting!
Fire skeletons drop fire charges, coal, and arrows, and will rarely also drop bows that might be enchanted.

Special Spiders:

Twelve new spiders:
* Baby spider
* Small spider
* Giant spider
* Poison spider
* Desert spider
* Pale spider
* Witch spider
* Speedy spider
* Flying spider
* Angry spider
* Tough spider
* Mother spider

Baby Spider

The baby spider is just absolutely adorable. Smaller than the cave spider, the baby spider can even fit in holes only half a block tall! That being said, its one heart of health and half-heart attack power make it a very minor threat, even in fairly large numbers. It also has the bonus of being rather comedic when ridden by a skeleton.
Baby spiders sometimes drop a bit of string.

Small Spider

The small spider is all the size of the cave spider, and none of the poison! Pretty standard, really.
Small spiders drop a bit less string than normal, but rarely also drop extra string and spider eyes.

Giant Spider

The giant spider is the opposite of a small spider. It’s also really big. It’s actually somewhat scary and can take a little more punishment and deal a bit more damage, but it can’t fit under single blocks anymore.
Giant spiders drop the usual spider stuff, but rarely also drop extra string and spider eyes.

Poison Spider

The poison spider looks just like the cave spider, except for the fact that it’s the size of a normal spider. It’s also poisonous just like a cave spider, and can spawn without a spawner!
Poison spiders drop more spider eyes than usual, but rarely also drop extra string and spider eyes.

Desert Spider

The desert spider has had to survive in the harsh desert environment. Naturally, it had to develop an extremely potent poison. While it doesn’t hurt anything by itself, a single bite can leave a victim completely incapacitated – multiple bites can, well, just don’t get bitten.
Desert spiders drop sand, and will rarely also drop webs.

Pale Spider

The pale spider actually got its name from its poison, not from its slightly paler shell, as you might think. The poison makes its victim extremely weak and pale, leaving it unable to defend itself while the pale spider eats it alive. Gross.
Pale spiders drop the usual spider stuff, but it drops fermented spider eyes instead of regular ones.

Witch Spider

The witch spider’s attack makes you take more damage than usual. Don’t get hit while you’re under its effects! Also, our scientists have discovered it seems to have a strange defense against arrows, and discourage shooting it.
Witch spiders drop various potion ingredients, possibly even a brewing stand. Why would a spider have a brewing stand?

Speedy Spider

The speedy spider moves faster than a kangaroo on a hot december afternoon! It’s pretty hard to simply run from, so I would suggest either killing it or tricking it into running into a wall. Definitely avoid it if there’s a skeleton riding it.
Speedy spiders drop the usual spider stuff, but rarely also drop extra string and spider eyes.

Flying Spider

The flying spider is purple! Also, instead of flying, it leaps vast distances and is immune to fall damage. It will leap at you from twice as far away as a normal spider, and will try to land behind you! Oh, and one more thing: stay very far away from the flying spider jockey.
Flying spiders drop feathers and spider eyes, but rarely also drop extra string and spider eyes.

Angry Spider

The angry spider looks and behaves exactly like a normal spider at night. However, it is completely and utterly hostile, even in broad daylight! What it really needs is a hug in the face from your sword.
Angry spiders drop the usual spider stuff, but rarely also drop blaze powder, generated by their seething hatred.

Tough Spider

The tough spider is big and, well, tough. Its shell is abnormally hard and can be used as flint, which you will probably need to make a ton of arrows to deal with all the upgraded creepers, skeletons, and spider jockeys. It also hurts a little more when it bites.
Tough spiders drop flint and spider eyes, but rarely also drop iron.

Mother Spider

The mother spider is the creepiest, crawliest spider on the market. Not only is it tougher than a tough spider, but it also regenerates health and spawns five baby spiders when it dies.
Mother spiders usually drop extra spider eyes, and will rarely also drop some mostly digested armor, which probably would have to be incredibly powerful to withstand a mother spider’s stomach acid.

Special Zombies:

Seven new zombies:
* Fast zombie
* Fire zombie
* Plague zombie
* Hungry zombie
* Jumping zombie
* Charging zombie
* Fishing zombie

All zombies have a 1/20 chance to spawn as a zombie villager. If a villager is infected, it will be the same type of zombie that killed it.

Fast Zombie

The fast zombie is fast. Maybe it’s not fast compared to a spider, or anything else, but it’s surely faster than other zombies.
Fast zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, with a small chance to drop glowstone dust.

Fire Zombie

The fire zombie is one hot tamale, and will set you on fire if it hits you. Of course, being fiery, its one true kryptonite is water.
Fire zombies usually drop fire charges and coal, and rarely also drop blaze rods and especially fiery golden swords.

Plague Zombie

The plague zombie is the nastiest, grossiest zombie you’ll ever see in Minecraft, theoretically speaking. When it hits you, you’ll suffer random negative effects, which will stack with each hit. Got milk?
Plague zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, with a small chance to drop netherwart.

Hungry Zombie

The hungry zombie has a bottomless stomach — literally. When is hits you, it will eat a food item from your inventory, healing itself. Since it has bad manners, after eating a bowl of your mushroom stew, it will just throw the bowl on the ground. Rude.
Hungry zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, and will rarely also drop apples that might be golden.

Jumping Zombie

The jumping zombie will leap at you when it is close enough, and is immune to fall damage. It leaps much farther and higher than a spider and looks just like a normal zombie. It’s scary!
Jumping zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, with a small chance to drop featherfall boots.

Charging Zombie

The charging zombie wears a helmet, and uses it to headbutt your face. It is slightly tougher and more damaging than a regular zombie, and knocks you back rather far. If lava is anywhere nearby, you can count on the charging zombie to knock you directly into it by pure coincidence.
Charging zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, with a small chance to drop a good shovel for whacking.

Fishing Zombie

The fishing zombie enjoys sitting with its friends and fishing the morning away. Also, it uses its fishing rod to reel you in! We believe the boots they wear are to help prevent gangreene; we aren’t sure how they work, but you can’t argue with results.
Fishing zombies drop the usual zombie stuff, with a small chance to drop a very well-made fishing rod.

Six new zombie pigmen:
* Angry zombie pigman
* Jumping zombie pigman
* Plague zombie pigman
* Hungry zombie pigman
* Charging zombie pigman
* Fishing zombie pigman

Angry Zombie Pigman

The angry zombie pigman is mad at you. Why? Why aren’t all zombie pigmen mad at you? This, truly, is a question of the ages. Other zombie pigmen will step in if you retaliate against the angry zombie pigman.
Angry zombie pigmen drop the usual zombie pigman stuff, with a small chance to drop blaze powder.

Jumping Zombie Pigman

The jumping zombie pigman not only leaps incredibly high, but also lands incredibly well, even from ridiculous nethercliffs! Its secret to landing well is years of intense judo training.
Jumping zombie pigmen drop the usual zombie pigman stuff, with a small chance to drop featherfall boots.

Plague Zombie Pigman

The plague zombie pigman is the kind that inflicts random conditions on you. We don’t really know exactly how it inflicts these things on you, but our scientists assure you that you are better off not knowing.
Plague zombie pigmen drop the usual zombie pigman stuff, with a small chance to drop netherwart.

Hungry Zombie Pigman

The hungry zombie pigman eats your hard-earned food. Of course in the nether, the chances are that your food came from other zombie pigmen, but the hungry zombie pigman just doesn’t care, even though it is often chastized by the other zombie pigmen for being cannibalistic.
Hungry zombie pigmen drop the usual zombie pigman stuff, and will rarely also drop apples that might be golden.

This mod adds a separate spawn chance (and a spawn egg in creative mode) for jockey-type mobs. When a jockey mob is spawned, it chooses a mount and rider at random, based on the settings and spawn rates in your config file. There are a couple of mobs that will only spawn naturally as a part of a jockey (mount-only and rider-only mobs).

Possible riders:
* Skeletons
* Creepers – vanilla, armor, death, and fire creepers
* Zombies – all but charging, hungry, and jumping zombies

Possible mounts:
* Spiders – all but baby spiders
* Pigs
* Mini ghasts

Three mount-only mobs:
* Pig
* Mini ghast
* Armor spider

One rider-only mob:
* Spitfire skeleton


The pig is really just a pig with a saddle. This pig will attack you if it is being ridden by a monster! If you kill its rider, however, you can hop on it yourself! (Bring a carrot-on-a-stick!) The pig will still despawn like a hostile mob as long as you never right-click it.

Mini Ghast

The miniature ghast is a blast from the past, and by past, I mean Nether. These little jellyfish will wander around the sky, just waiting for you to get close. They will generally float just close enough to you for whatever is on its back to shoot at you, but if there’s a creeper (or nothing) riding it, it will try to sting you. Needless to say, don’t let it get close to you if it has a creeper on its head.

Armor Spider

The armor spider, also known as the big, angry spider on steroids wearing armor, is the toughest spider around. This bad boy has more health and armor than the mother spider and will attack in broad daylight. Not only does this spider regenerate, but it regenerates any monster riding it, too!
Armor spiders drop leather, and will rarely also drop the most powerful equipment you can get.

Spitfire Skeleton

The spitfire skeleton is too cool to walk. Er, too hot. Whatever it is, the spitfire skeleton is the only skeleton with the legendary Spitfire enchantment! Good luck getting a Spitfire bow of your own!
Spitfire skeletons drop fire charges and coal, and will rarely also drop blaze rods.

If you are being stunned by those wonderful added mobs, press the download button and enjoy Special Mobs Mod now!

How to install Special Mobs Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Special Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10:


Download Special Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.6.2:


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