Simple Gui Bukkit for Minecraft

Download Simple Gui Bukkit for Minecraft 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.4

Download simple gui bukkit

Download simple gui bukkit

What is Simple Gui Bukkit
This unique plugin will let you add more fun in game and keep a better controll of your admins/mods! You can use it as tool to use Gui fot admin controls, like to set weather. Specificy:
✒ Set weather
✒ Set gamemode
✒ Teleport to online player
✒ Open ender chest remotely
✒ Teleport to a world of the servert (Locates all worlds in the server. Permission enabled.)
✒ Potion Choser!
✒ Trash binFor more detail infomation about above options:

▶ Weather option:
weather option and as the name sugests, lets you change the weather. the user of it must have permission to.▶Set gamemode
Alows user to change his own gamemode if he has permission to. Permissions for each gamemode so for instance a player has no permission to swich to creative but only between survival and advetntrue. See the  permissions board▶Teleport to online player
Lets the user teleport to a online player shown as a green wool in the gui▶Open ender chest
Allows user to open his own enderchest and edit it from anywhere on any world.

▶Teleport to  world
This feature locates all worlds in the server and shows them in the screen,  ofcaurse if you want players to be able to go to world named “test” and to world named “World” you have to give them permission<worlds name> in this case in the<worlds name> goes Test and World

▶Potion choser
Allows the user to chose a potion and then get it to his inventory.
As with Teleport, if the player has no permission to Simplegui.potion.Fire_resistance then he is not able to take potion of fire resistance

▶Trash bin
a realy usefull feature that lets players discard useless items instead of throwing them on the ground and then cause lag.


Permission node:
SimpleGui.use Allows player to do /sg and use the wand to open gui
SimpleGui.potion.<potion name> The player cna only get potions specifyed on <potion name> If you want him to have access to all potions use SimpleGui.potion.*<worldname> Same as potion, in world name goes the world nbame where the player is alowed to teleport to. If you want him be able to go to all use* Allows the player to use the teleport to player feature.
SimpleGui.trash Makes player able to use the trash feature
SimpleGui.enderchest Allows user to open his enderchest Allows player to open the gamemode Gui
SimpleGui.gamemode.<gamemode type> Makes player able to see available gamemodes in the gamemode Gui. if u add creative in <gamemode type> player will only be able to change to creative.
Other ideas?

/sa Shows the help menu
/sa wand  Giuves you the wand to open the gui with right or left click
/sa wand [player] Gives the specific player a wand and if he has permission to open the gui he can use it.

Development stage:
Beta Stable 1.1

Author: fillpant

Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.4
Tags: Simple, Easy, Gui, Minecraft, Admin, Tools, Bukkit, Free, Usefull, Server

Download Simple Gui Bukkit for Minecraft

[1.7.4] Download

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