RPG Inventory Mod for Minecraft

What is RPG Inventory Mod 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

RPG Inventory mod is a mod which adds  6 brand new item slots that for Minecrafters to wear as well as three new classes which you can join to learn magic and wield massive weapons!

RPG Inventory Mod – 1.7.2, 1.6.4

RPG Inventory Mod Content:

Open the Rpg Inventory with the ‘End’ while being inside of the vanilla inventory !
or the button.(back since 1.5)
Creative and Single Player compatible !

You can change the key anytime you want in the game menu!

press escape > controls > scroll all the way down. Rpg Inventory Key

6 New Slots:

Jewelry comes in many different forms and effects.
All of these effects are PASSIVE, which means you can not see them, but will notice them.

  • Gold Jewelry : Speed and JumpBoost
  • Diamond Jewelry: Healing
  • Lapis Lazuli Jewelry : Damage boost and ‘Weapon Regen’
  • Emerald Jewelry : various Buffs.

All effects are marked under the jewelery.

All buffs Stack ! use more items to get more efficient buffs !
Emerald buffs dont stack, as each specifique item has a specifique buff.

You will requier a Mold Forge for making Jewelery !

Every Slot can Contain one specific item:
Ring, Necklace, Shield, Cape or Gloves.

The Mold Forge

The mold Forge requieres several Ingredients to work and produce Jewelery.

  • You will need Fuel (Coal, Charcoal, BlazeRods or LavaBuckets.
    To keep this little Block warm, you need to use A LOT of fuel, so be prepaired !
  • You will need a Gold Block to melt into a Mold and obtain your Jewel’s final form.
  • You will need a Mold.(found in dungeon chests)
  • You will need Minerals (Diamond, Lapis, Emerald or a Gold Ingot.)

Put all These in their apropriate slots, and the melting will begin.

Crafting Recipes


Process Starts : You need to fill all 4 slots to start the process.
Rpg Inventory Mod

1 Coal is already used and gold is leaking into the pipe.
Rpg Inventory Mod
Rpg Inventory Mod

Process is Halfway. The gold got molten Into the mold. The Liquid gold is now cooling
down and the Mineral is being fused with the form.
Rpg Inventory Mod
Rpg Inventory Mod
Rpg Inventory Mod

Final step: Your Jewel is made. 8 coal got used to make one jewel. The gold block got molten into the mold, fused with the mineral.
Rpg Inventory Mod

ALL jewels are made with the Mold Forge.

“Class” Armor and their weapons:

Armor is crafted like all other armor.

Here is what you will need :
Recipes for Armor Components.

Tanned Hide (archer)
Rpg Inventory Mod

Archer’s Bow of Birch
Rpg Inventory Mod

Animal Hides (Berserker)
Rpg Inventory Mod

Berserker’s Claymore
Rpg Inventory Mod

The RageBreaker
Rpg Inventory Mod

Mage Cloth (mages)
Rpg Inventory Mod

The Soul Sphere
Rpg Inventory Mod

Mage Staff
Rpg Inventory Mod

Wizard’s Knowledge, Volume I
Rpg Inventory Mod

Armor/Class Skills:

Skills can be used when wearing a full set of armour (head, chest, legs, boots and/or shield dedicated to the class) and a weapon.

All Skills have cooldown time and differ from one class to another.

To use a skill press ‘F’ (or the key you apropriated in the ‘Controls’ menu).


Sonic Blast.
Requieres Rage Breaker
CoolDown: ~7seconds
Will push ALL living entities surrounding the player in a radius of 4 (4 blocks to each side)
This Skill requires full set + hammer
Sonic Blast

Rpg Inventory Mod

Decapitation: (smp only)
Requieres the Claymore.
CoolDown: N/A
Does NOT requier the Skill Button.
If one player kills another in Multiplayer with the Claymore, the player killed will drop a skull Item.
When this skull is placed, the texture of the player that was killed will display on the head.
Players can be killed for trophees !


Healing Aura:
Requiers Lunar Staff
CoolDown: ~5seconds

When the skill button is pressed while holding the Staff, players in a radius of 8 blocks will get a 2 second healing effect/regen potion effect with a strenght of (distance)/4 .

Right clicking to set the Staff in use, and crouching/sneaking, will cause the healer to charge a healing aura that can be cast only on himself.

Mage Vortex:
Requiers Soul Sphere
CoolDown: ~7seconds

Pressing the Skill key will cause all nearby enemies to be pulled towards you … and thrown away to the opposite side. the farther away entities are, the further away they will get thrown.
Mage Vortex

Rpg Inventory Mod


Arrow Storm
Requieres Archer’s Bow of Birch.
CoolDown: ~30seconds

Point at an enenemy with a maximum distance of 40 blocks away from you. press the skill button to call upon an Arrow Storm, a death from above.
If you dont point at an entity, you will.. well.. target yourself.. ._.
Every arrow does a small amount of damage.
Arrow Storm

Rpg Inventory Mod

Armor Bonus and Weapon Specials:

While wearing one of the FULL ARMOR sets, you can mostly activate effects with right clicking the apropriate weapon.


  • -Claymore : with full set, right click to obtain a powerfull boost that you can use to attack with your claymore
  • -Rage Breaker : Berserker’s can not stand losing … Unleash your rage when health is below 2 hearts (or 2 hunger) ! The hammer will start glowing red, meaning that you are on a rampage and deal double damage ! Still full health ? The rage breaker has a massive KnockBack damage on mobs when you wear the full armor set !
  • – Berserker Bonus: rage seeds. Punch grass to get these ! it’s a rare drop, but once you eat them, you’ll get instant hunger, and are ready to activate rage !


  • -Soul Sphere : Attack mobs, and randomly set them on fire, or lunch them up in the air, attack them with 2 extra hearts of damage !
  • -Right Clicking the Item… Is a mystery to most people. You should read “Wizard’s Knwoledge : Volume 1 ” (included in this mod). Mages and Wizardry is not only about swinging your stick and casting spells. With magic comes great responsability and wisdom. If you can understand what is written in the book, you will are worthy to be called a mage !
  • -Lunar Staff: When attacking mobs, deals small amount of magic damage. This staff is made to heal ! Charge up the staff by rightclicking it, and be sure to SHIFT when releasing the staff to HEAL YOURSELF. depending on how long you charged, you will heal more.


  • -Bow: can only be fired when wearing full Archer armor, including shield. if you have no shield, you can use arrows. Has less uses then a normal bow, but :
  • -garantee always critical hit
  • -less charge time
  • -no arrows have to be present in your inventory
  • -knockback
  • -sets mobs on fire
  • -high damage

3D Weapons , Armor and capes:

What is more awesome then wielding a massive Claymore ? A Huge hammer ? A Longbow ? or even a Soul Sphere … ?

Rpg Inventory Mod

Rpg Inventory Mod

Rpg Inventory Mod

Rpg Inventory Mod

Rpg Inventory Mod
The general 3d rendering can be changed in the config file which you can find in .minecraft > config > rpginventorymod.cfg

3d Capes And Jewelery:

Rpg Inventory Mod

Rpg Inventory Mod

5 different capes are available trough crafting.


Red Cape
Rpg Inventory Mod Rpg Inventory Mod

Yellow Cape (aka Golden Cape)
Rpg Inventory Mod Rpg Inventory Mod

Green Cape
Rpg Inventory Mod Rpg Inventory Mod

Blue Cape (aka Sky cape)
Rpg Inventory Mod Rpg Inventory Mod

Black Cape
Rpg Inventory Mod Rpg Inventory Mod

Awesome, isn’t it? Stop wandering around and download the mod asap!

How to install RPG Inventory Mod 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Rpg Inventory Mod
  • Drop inside the “mods” folder (can be found inside .minecraft folder.) (to find this folder, press ‘windows’+R, and enter %appdata% in the screen that just popped up. Hit enter. ” .minecraft ” should be one of the first folders)
  • Done

If that does not work :

  • Get a clean jar
  • Install this mod only

Download links

Download Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2:


Download Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4:


Download Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2:


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