PlayerLauncher plugin for Minecraft

Download PlayerLauncher plugin for Minecraft 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.8

Player Launcher

Player Launcher

What is PlayerLauncher Plugin?

Do you want a great plugin to suit all your player launching needs?
Need to have different powers per pressure plate?
Want to be able to launch your players with a command too?

Then this plugin is definitely for you!

This plugin allows you to place pressure plates that can launch your players.
What makes it different is that you can configure the power per pressure plate.
That means that I could have one pressure plate at spawn that launches players really far, but then have another one in a minigame that launches them weakly.
It also has better launching calculations, meaning that if you have an x power of 5 and a y power of 0, your players wont go up even if they look up!
It even has a /launch command to launch players without them stepping on a pressure plate!
All this makes PlayerLauncher the best launching plugin that I have seen!

How to Install PlayerLauncher Plugin

Simply extract the zip file to your plugins folder.

How to Use this plugin

To place a player-launching pressure plate, first do /pltoggle.
You need PlayerLauncher mode on to place and remove PlayerLauncher pressure plates.
Then, set the power with /plsetpower (x power) (y power).
Lastly, place your pressure plate.

Warning: Do not set the x or y power to anything over 10 and make sure that when they are added together, they are smaller than 16.

Command and Permission

Commands Description Permission
/launch (player) (x power) (y power) Launches the specified player with that power.

Warning: Do not set the x or y power to anything over 10 and make sure that when they are added together, they are smaller than 16.

/pltoggle Toggles PlayerLauncher mode on or off PlayerLauncher.toggle
/plsetpower (x power) (y power) Sets the x and y power of the next pressure place you place PlayerLau

Author: Techdoodle

Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.8
Tags: Server

Download PlayerLauncher for Minecraft [Plugin]



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