MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery

What is MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery

MineFrame - A PHP Auto Gallery

MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery

Miners all have a problem: Organizing and sorting their works

MineFrame - A PHP Auto Gallery

MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery

so they can easily find it in the next time, putting those works in a ton of unlimited folders and takes ages to dig them up. Now’s come MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery to help you solve this problem. MineFrame is a PHP based Auto Gallery to showcase images of your builds, projects, maps, servers and mods… all shown in a responsive simple gallery that calls from images you place in disorted folders on your website.

But how does it work? Simple, You will upload all the files provided inside the .zip folder you download and place it on your website host (godaddy, bluehost or others are suggested ).

From here you can replace the images in the demo content with your own and rename the folders to make the selection menu update.

And if you want to add more sorting categories for the menu, make a new folder and put images inside it and they will show on your website under the selected category.

The menu is alphabetically sorted including special characters and numbers from A to Z. This is also how the images are sorted within each folder / the ‘ALL’ view.

Besides, to load your images faster, so your site gallery isnt slow include a ‘thumbnails’ folder INSIDE each folder category and place smaller versions of your images NAMED THE EXACT SAME AS THE LARGE ONES so that they will link to the larger files for the larger preview.

The gallery will resize depending on the size of your browser window which means you can tweak the code to work inside your own website by calling it inside an iFrame or adding the supplied code base to your custom HTML / PHP website.

Finally, if you want to edit the codebase, you will need a website host that can support php code pref 5.3 or higher and a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP. The code is commented to tweaks and edits so people with an understanding can easily change the look and feel of teh script  but I recommend you not to do so. The gallery is already great.

Download MineFrame – A PHP Auto Gallery

For Minecraft 1.8.1


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