Michael the Juggle skin for Minecraft

Download Michael the Juggle skin for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10

Michael the Juggle skin

Michael the Juggle skin

Interesting information

During a dark and frigid night, a small thief tried his hand at robbing in the shoddy circus that performs for caravan in his town. He started acting…

The door made virtually no sound when he slowly entered the living-space. Suddenly, this door closed after him with a big sound that chilled the criminal’s spine. He was startled and anxious. But luckily for him, it seemed like the occupant was elsewhere tonight. The harsh wind scraping the outer facade of the abode and the lack of interior decorating that made a feeling of discomfort grow inside of him. In search of the object he was assigned to collect the valuable thing – collection of skull. He rummaged through the inhabitants belongings and storage spaces. However, there are without luck for him. He continued waiting for a chance…

Silently, the possessor of the caravan crept up on his unknowing target, he is very careful to not make his presence known. Slowly pulling out a handcrafted knife and aiming for the jugular artery, he gained his force and stabbed the crook; this job makes him choke on his own blood. As the man slowly stopped twitching, the killer carefully began separating the victim’s head from the rest of the body. Another pries had been added to his collection. This is so violence; he is a guy who collects heads to juggle.

This skin has interesting colors table as well as subtle in shading. You can download this skin for your avatar now in Minecraft.

Michael the Juggle skin

Michael the Juggle skin

Skin detail

Progress:     100% Complete

Gender:       Male

Format:       Only Skin 64×64

Tags:          Mod skin, Fantasy Skin, Game Skin, People Skin

Version:      Minecraft 1.7+

How to install this skin for Minecraft

1. Download this Skin

2. Go to minecraft.net

3. Click your profile

4. Browse your new Skin

5. Click upload image

6. Enjoy your new Skin

Link to download Michael the Juggle skin


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