Magma Monster (Awoken Version) skin for Minecraft

Magma Monster (Awoken Version) skin for Minecraft

Magma Monster skin

Interesting information

Magma Monster – The creature comes from the core of the Earth, it lived there from the moment the Earth was born and never ever undisturbed. One day, there is a group of miners came and disturbed its long slumber that make this Magma to become angry. That explained why it killed the miners and remained under the Earth. That also is the reason we have volcanoes and earthquakes.

Magma Monster (Awoken Version)

Its strength is unrivaled by most creatures in the history of the Earth, and it’s weak to been frozen at least -2000 degrees, only to subdue the beast and human. The Magma monster is ablaze with flame. This feature is the last thing on this monster’s mind. However it’s got a happy and playful personality, and its flame claws are more for show than combat to someone. It could either serve forces of good or evil that depend on emotion.


Skin detail

Progress:     100% Complete

Gender:       Male

Format:       Only Skin 64×64

Tags:           Mod skin, Game Skin

Version:      Minecraft 1.7+

How to install Magma Monster skin for Minecraft

  1. Download this Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Click profile
  4. Browse your new Skin
  5. Click upload image
  6. Enjoy your new Skin

Link to download

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