Is Self Driving Car Future of Auto Mobile?

What does the car of the future look like?

We have seen a lot of concept about smart car in fiction movies. Google, Tesla recently disclose their project about selfdriving car, electric car, smart car. Do you think that self driving is the future of auto. Let take a look at below infographic to see how automobile could be with in 20, 30 years.

Car safety

– in 2010, there were 35,000 deaths due to car crash in United State and 3,500 deaths due to car crashes around the world every day (Statistic number from carinsurances company).

Car crashes  cost the United State’s economy $230 Billion a year.

– 4 Million adults drink and drive each year (based on a survey done in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

– 80% of the crash scenarios involving unimpaired drivers could be prevented using Connected Vehicle Technologies (V2V).

– 90% of Vehicle crashes can be attributed to driver error.

These problems could have same solution, take a look at Benefits of SelfdrivingCars:

+ Selfdriving cars are programmed to follow local traffic laws.

+ Distracted, tired or impaired drivers will be less dangerous on the road.

+ Autonomous braking alone will reduce car crashes by 14%

+ Vehicular communication systems could help avoid up to 81 percent of all traffic accidents

(Vehicular communication systems are networks that allow vehicles and roadside units to share traffic information with one another)

Car Efficiency

– Today 4.2 billion hours are wasted in traffic each year – That’s one work week for every traveler.

– 1/3 of all accidents and 1/4 of all fatal accidents occur at intersections.

– Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $87.2 Billion a year.

– 10% of police time is spent enforcing traffic laws.

Benefits of Selfdriving cars:

+ Selfdriving cars can follow each other more closely, increasing existing space on the road.

+ Faster reaction times and a reduction of accidents will lead to improved intersection efficiency.

+ V2V communication would schedule the cars to move into an intersection seamlessly.

Pollution and the environment

– Today, 22% of CO2 emissions comes from cars and trucks.

– 2.8 billion gallons of wasted fuel each year due to congestion,

– 75% of current fuel emissions are caused by the weight of the vehicle.

Benefits of Selfdriving cars

+ Weight reduction from 4,000 LBS to 750 – 1,000 LBS; reducing the weight ofcars will reduce fuel emissions by 56%.

+ Selfdriving cars will reduce the amount of starting and stopping.

+ Selfdriving cars will use electric recharging infrastructure more efficiently.

By the year 2050 there will be an estimated 44 Million people over the age of 75,Selfdriving cars will provide mobility for those who have difficulty driving safely.

Technology of the future

– As driverless cars evolve, human interfaces such as the sterring wheel, brakes and gas pedal may disappear and be replaced with sensors and software.


+ Electro-optical/infrared cameras: Detects lane departure and helps to avoid reverse collisions.

+ V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to infrastructure) communications: provide accurate relative distance data.

+ Light detection and ranging (lidar): provide accurate relative distance data.

+ Radar: Provide reverse collision detection and adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control reduces the speed of a vehicle in response to other vehicles and objects in its proximity, using a combination of throttle control, transmission downshifting and light braking.

+ Software: Using LIDAR and Cameras, selfdriving cars can gather tens of thousands of data points per second. It will helps locates the vehicles’s position and its surroundings; Interprets actions of other vehicles and people in the area.

self driving cars

self driving cars

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