How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

Top songs of Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a famou singer. Take a look at her top songs.

I Kissed a Girl

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

In 2008, Katy Perry’s career exploded with the song I Kissed a Girl. In this rebel song, Katy transformed into a hot girl. This song led the Billboard Hot 100 for 7 weeks and sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

Hot n Cold

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

4 months after the launch of I Kissed a Girl, Hot n Cold continues to become the focus on the music channels and charts. The chase of the bride made many viewers enjoyable. This song also occupied the top spot on the music charts and sold 5 million copies worldwide.

Waking Up in Vegas

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

In Waking Up in Vegas movie, Katy dressed like a showgirl in Las Vegas, so no one was surprised when the boys loved her. This music video shows the dark side of the flashy life in Las Vegas. You can have everything in the blink of an eye, but easily lost all things .

California Gurls

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

California Gurls music video is admirable. In the movie, Katy portrays an attractive girl. This song was also ranked No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 for 6 weeks.

Teenage Dream

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

This sweet ballad gave Katy a Grammy Award nomination in the category of best performance pop singer and sweep the world rankings. In this music video, Katy showed her natural beauty and had a memorable beach party.


How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

The lyrics of the song motivate young people who lack confidence to dismiss their fears and shine  like fireworks flowers.


How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

E.T. is different from other previous videos of Katy and the change of Katy has received the support of millions of people. In the movie, Katy wore outlandish outfits and makeup rebellion as aliens. This video received five nominations of MTV and won two awards.

Last Friday Night

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

Last Friday Night song helped Katy Perry to become the first artist in the 53 year history of Billboard having 5 singles in the same Teenage Dream album reaching No.1 of the Billboard Hot 100.

In the movie, Katy became an “ugly girl” with the braces, tousled hair and grotesque clothes. The”ugly girl” was trying to attend a n unique party with your neighbors.

Part of Me

How Well Do You Know Katy Perry?

Since the launch of Part of me, Katy Perry seems to be hotter more than ever. The movie is about ​​a girl who found her boyfriend’s betray. Because of the pain, she decided to join the army.


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