Mod Horse Locator v0.2 for Minecraft 1.7.x [Forge]

Download Horse Locator v0.2 for Minecraft 1.7.x – *Compatible with SMP* [BRAND NEW FEATURES!] [Forge]

Horse locator mod for minecraft

Horse locator mod for minecraft

 What is Horse Locator Mod

In your minecraft, are you always lonely because you don’t have a horse? Or are you sad that your horse got lost? Well NOT ANYMORE! You can now find a new horse that is untamed or you old horse that is tamed without doing a sweat! THESE NEW AMAZING TOOLS WILL GUIDE YOU TO HORSES YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEORE!

You can take a look at the screen shots to see how it mod works. These are some In-Game pictures of the new GUI and system.

Mod Screen shots

Horse locator mod for minecraft

Horse locator mod for minecraft

Horse locator mod for minecraft

Mod Features

This mod includes many amazing features!
Here are a list of the useful ones:
– Tells you if the horse is tamed or not – [true] or [false]
If it is tamed then it will tell the Owner name, if it isn’t it will display “none.” 
– Tells you if the horse is a baby or not.
– Tells you where the horse is in coordinates.
– Tells you how far away you are from it according to YOUR current coordinates.
– Displays the jump height, speed, and health of the horse.

God Feature:
Displays as RED if the stat is bad.
Displays as GREEN if the stat good/great or above normal.
Displays as WHITE if the stat average or normal.e.
Displays as AQUA if the stat is amazing, extremely good, and rare.

Here are a list of non-useful but decorative and good to learn ones:
– You can disable/enable the GUI by pressing F9.
– Displays the HorseLocator’s snazzy cool-looking logo in bold gray customly textured letters.
– The color of the fonts make it comfortable and easy to see.

– Toggling with your GUI Scale can cause BIG RED BOLDED text that tells you to increase your GUI scale.

How to install this mod

1) Install Forge.
2) Drag this “.jar” into the mods folder.
3) You are finished, start your Minecraft and play!

Progress: 90% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.2
Tags: Minecraft, Horse, Locator, Detector, Tame, Smp, Version, Twinklez, F11, FAQ, Mods, Villages, Finder, New Content
Credit: ForgeTeam (cpw and others)

Download Horse locator mod for Minecraft (V0.2)

[1.7.x] Download

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