Gambling – Casinos Plugin for Minecraft – Blackjack [WIP]

Download Gambling – Casinos Plugin for Minecraft – Blackjack [WIP]

1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.9

Gambling - Casinos Plugin

Gambling – Casinos Plugin

This plugin is for Bukkit 1.7.X

What can I do in Blackjack?

  • Play Blackjack with up to five players per table, no commands needed!
  • Use maps as cards – Maps come with card images printed on them!
  • Seperate inventories for Blackjack – Inventory is restored when done in Blackjack!
  • Change your ‘stake’!
  • Use commands to find the next available Blackjack table!
  • Auto-generated and protected Blackjack tables, with a dealer for each!
  • Set table maximums / minimums!
  • Use commands to customize table appearance!
  • Make VIP Tables!
  • Make players VIP with commands or permissions!
  • A large range of permissions for Blackjack abilities!

How do I play?

  • Right click a ‘New Game’ sign to join the table with the minimum stake!
  • Right click the face-down card by the dealer to draw a card!
  • Double or Split by clicking signs!
  • Right click in the table if you don’t want anymore cards!
  • After all players finish, dealer draws cards and round finishes!
  • Play again by clicking the ‘New Game’ sign again!
  • Raise / lower your stake by clicking signs by the dealer!

How do I install and set up the plugin?

  • Move the ‘Blackjack.jar’ file you downloaded to your server’s ‘plugins’ folder
  • The config.yml will appear in your plugins folder when you run the server
  • Once on your server, do /bj setupThis will setup all the cards – Do not interact with anything on the server during this time.
  • After setup is complete, you have three options:1. Do /bj create. It will create a default Blackjack table.2. Do /bj create <name>. It will create a Blackjack table with the name specified.3. Do /bj createvip. It will create a default VIP Blackjack table.4. Do /bj createvip <name>. It will create a VIP Blackjack table with the name specified.
  • You’re ready to play! Do /bj join to start.

Commands – All Players

  • /bj help – View a list of commands in the Blackjack plugin.
  • /bj join – Join the first open seat at a Blackjack table.
  • /bj teleport <name> – Teleport to the table with the name specified
  • /bj stake <stake> – Change your stake for the next round.
  • /bj viplist – View a list of Blackjack VIPs.
  • /bj isvip <player> – Check if a player is a VIP.

Commands – Admins

  • /bj reload – Reload the Blackjack config.yml and VIP list
  • /bj cleardata – Clears the data.yml, which removes all Blackjack tables
  • /bj setup – Setup the plugin for the first time
  • /bj create – Create a new table. Optional: /bj create <name>. Create a named table.
  • /bj createvip – Create a new VIP table. Optional: /bj createvip <name. Create a named VIP table.
  • /bj undo – Undo the last table creation.
  • /bj delete – Delete the Blackjack table in front of the player.
  • /bj forcedelete – Delete the table if it is corrupted (and /bj delete fails).
  • /bj togglevip – Toggle the VIP status of the table you’re looking at. Optional: /bj togglevip <name>. Toggle the VIP status of the table specified.
  • /bj setlimit <limit> – Set the limit of Blackjack tables in the world. Set to 0 for no limit.
  • /bj color <colorname or color id> – Color the table your standing on / looking at. Use color names or color ids; Color ids are the data values of the wool block of that color.
  • /bj setblock <block ID> – Set the blocks of the table you are standing on / looking at to the specified block.
  • /bj setwall <block ID> – Set the wall behind the table you are standing on / looking at to the specified block.
  • /bj addvip <player> – Make the player specified a VIP.
  • /bj removevip <player> – Removes the specified player from the VIP list.
  • /bj invclear – Clears your Blackjack inventory.
  • /bj getcard <card name> <amount> – Give yourself the card specified. Card names are the first letter of the card type (H = heart, Diamond = D, etc) followed by the card number (Diamond 8 = D8, Heart 5 = H5, etc).
  • /bj restoreall – Restore all players inventories in event of a crash.

Permissions – All Players

  • – Permission to play Blackjack
  • blackjack.stake – Permission to change your stake
  • blackjack.teleport – Permission to teleport to a table
  • blackjack.viplist – Permission to view the VIP list

Permissions – Admins

  • blackjack.* – Permission to use any Blackjack command
  • blackjack.setup – Permission to setup Blackjack on the server
  • blackjack.create – Permission to create normal Blackjack tables
  • blackjack.createvip – Permission to create VIP Blackjack tables and toggle table VIP status
  • blackjack.delete – Permission to delete normal Blackjack tables
  • blackjack.forcedelete – Permission to delete corrupted Blackjack tables
  • blackjack.edit – Permission to edit limits to Blackjack table amounts
  • blackjack.color – Permission to edit a Blackjack table’s color
  • blackjack.setblock – Permission to edit a Blackjack table’s block type
  • blackjack.getcard – Permission to give self a Blackjack card
  • blackjack.invclear – Permission to clear Blackjack inventory
  • blackjack.reload – Permission to reload Blackjack plugin
  • blackjack.restoreall – Permission to restore all inventories in event of a crash
  • blackjack.managevips – Permission to add and delete VIP members
  • blackjack.cleardata – Permission to clear all Blackjack plugin data

Permissions – VIPs

  • – Permission to join VIP Blackjack tables

Important Information / Warnings

  • This plugin requires Vault and ImageOnMap to also be installed on the server. This is because the plugin can give / take money from players accounts for wins / losses using Vault, and prints images onto maps to create ‘cards’ using ImageOnMap.
  • Destroying or editing Blackjack tables using WorldEdit or other outside plugins will cause corruption of Blackjack tables, possible server errors, and possible server crashes. The only way to handle a corrupted table is /bj forcedelete.
  • This plugin supports English, Italian, and German, based on a Player’s Minecraft settings.
  • You may freely use this plugin on any server, but you may not charge over $5 for VIP status.

To Do

  • Solve issue of tables corrupting
  • Add support for Spigot servers
  • Add additional translations
  • Take requests from PMCers

Project Goals

  • [] 10 Diamonds
  • [] 5 Favorites

Thanks for checking out Blackjack in Minecraft!

Progress: 80% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.9
Tags: Blacjack, Bukkit, Plugin, Fun, Gambling, Casino, Vault, Money, Server, Free
Credit: ImageOnMap creators, Vault creators, Blackjack game creators

Author: XDdrummer


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