Download KayneCraft Texture Pack

Download KayneCraft Texture Pack                

Still basic but new changes in Minecraft with KayneCraft Texture Pack, this pack will provide you the cartoony interface, the quality of color and more waiting you discover!

The new update version for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2./1.6.4 has added some amazing things, checking it in details below:

  • New Mob and more
  • All new 256x textures
  • New Stone Bricks and Smooth Stone Slabs
  • Operating CTM Glass with all the Optifine Mod
  • Horses and Donkeys
  • Horse Armor
  • Coloured Hardened Clay
  • New Bricks with vertical CTM made to match hardened clay blocks

How to install full KayneCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.8?
For Windows:

  • Download and install this pack
    Link to download:
    And more for other version: Click here
  • Start Menu -> type in : %appdata% → hit the Enter
  • Search for .minecraft
  • Move to “.minecraft” folder -> choose resourcepacks folder
  • Place the entire file of “KayneCraft ” Texture Pack into this folder (resourcepacks folder)
    Don’t compress the file.
  • Run minecraft, select the KayneCraft texture pack in the menu and enjoy!
    For MacOS:
  • Install MCPatcher, and patch MC
  • Download the texture pack .zip
  • Click Finder and press Command(AppleKey) + Shift + G
  • Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks/
  • Place the to this folder
  • Run MC
  • Select the KayneCraft texture pack in the menu

See some KayneCraft Texture Pack KayneCraft screenshots:


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