Do I Need Utility Trailer Insurance Coverage?

Do I Need Utility Trailer Insurance Coverage?


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No mater what your vehicles are, towing a trailer is no easy task. Wind guts, uneven pavement and steep hills can make even a short trip challenging. This below inforgraphic will explain to you about trailer insurance coverage – also tips to help you tow with confidence.

Common towing hazards

– Wind gusts,

– Uneven pavement

– Steep hills

– Improperly installed trailer hitches.

Towing dangers

In 2011, 3,064 people were killed in towing-related accidents across the United States.

Utility trailer insurance coverage

Not all car insurance policies include utility trailer coverage. Things to consider before adding trailer coverage to your existing car insurance policy: Trailer cost, Value of contest you haul, and Risk of a total loss. Trailer insurance covers thetrailer itself from: Accidents; Water damage; Weather damage; Criminal damage; Theft.

Who covers what in an accident?

Trailer: With trailer insurance coverage, it will be Covered by trailer InsurancePolicy. If your policy has no trailer insurance coverage, it will be limited or nocoverage, depending on the towing vehicle’s policy (Even if you have limitedcoverage or if you borrowed the trailer from a family member, the coverage may not apply)

Towing vehicle; Other people or their property: Covered by the towing vehicle’s car insurance policy

Contents being towed: May be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Check with insurance company to find out.

Trailer coverage eligibility

These factors may make a trailer ineligible for coverage under your existing carinsurance policy.

– The trailer is home-built.

The value of the trailer is more than $5,000

– You use the trailer for commercial purposes. (This would require a commercial auto insurance policy.)

– The utility trailer is longer than 15 feet.

– Living quarters are included in the trailer

Adding trailer insurance coverage

Have this information ready when you add trailer insurance coverage to your carinsurance policy:

– Make and model

– Storage location

Trailer use

– Purchase price

– Names of drivers who will use  the trailer

Trailer use

– Driver’s experience operating a trailer

Do I Need Utility Trailer Insurance Coverage?

Do I Need Utility Trailer Insurance Coverage?

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