Detective Conan Chap 968

Detective Conan Chapter 968 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoiler

File 968: Wakasa – sensei’s secret

Haibara notices someone’s presence behind them and she spins around to check the rear but there’s no-one…

She wonders aloud if it was her imagination but Conan replies that there actually might be someone there: it’s very possible that the thieves from 10 years ago have come to look for something.

Conan redoes the deciphering table and rearranges the order of characters using the song “irowa” as basis: the decoded message reads

“Got your shares ready. Come ASAP!”

The skeleton was the thieves’ boss and surely intended to give out the shares of the money they got by turning the gold into currency: he checks inside of the line drawers and finds a bundle of bank notes there. He intends not to report this ASAP but to lure the robbers and catch in a swoop.

The group comes outside: it’s dusk. They then say aloud that they didn’t find the quicklime, there only was a brand-new string with some text on it: they couldn’t read what it said so they threw it: the DBs and Rumi leave while dumping the string there.

3 suspicious men pick it up.

Night falls.

Conan alone is on the lookout behind the warehouse… or is supposed to be but, actually, the DBs, Rumi and Shiratori are with him and they’re quite a group.

The string is something Conan readied, a trap’s bait which the thieves bite: Shiratori is trying to find a good moment to come out and arrest them yet when he gets a closer look he sees there’s only 2 men.

One of them feared a trap and stayed outside and thus knocks Shiratori out by hitting him from behind: the 3 thieves retreive the money and try to lock Conan and the group on the basement. Conan is saving up his gadgets as trump card and pretends to obey. But when Rumi steps into the stairs to the basement…

… She pretends that she’s clumsily lost her footing and beats one of the robbers next to her: she picks up a stick with beads and turns into a strong-looking fighting pose atop the shut down basement hatch.

Rumi: “Are you ready? … Ready to… depart this world?”

She looks like she’d been the type who loves brawls and is now bringing that aspect out: she beats up the other 2 robbers as well.

Conan, noticing things were quiet up there, carefully opens the hatch and sees Rumi who’s (pretending to be) panicked and she’s swinging the stick around: she’s (is pretending that she’s) not paying attention so she hasn’t noticed she’s beat up the 3 thieves.

The next day… Kobayashi, who didn’t get called (at the police questioning, presumably) is more annoyed at being unable to meet Shiratori than being the only one left out the affair on the premises of it being dangerous.

Side-note: “This teacher is not a commoner! A new chapter will begin in the next double issue! To be continued in SS #37-38. There’ll be a break next week for the author to gather materials.”

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