Detective Conan Chap 967

Detective Conan Chapter 967 [Raw & English Version]

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File 967: Impossible to decode!?

The characters that appear upon tying the string around the pen can’t be read as they are.
There are voiced consonant marks in odd positions and they seem to be a hint and yet…

The group begin to thinks they’re lacking some material: Rumi, who’d casually been charged with cleansing up, accidentally tears the wall’s schedule with the ruler she’s been given.

Conan then remembers the schedule found at the warehouse with the corpse and uses one as a cypher table: he turns the “odds” as weekdays and the “created” into subjects
and thus creates a Japanese syllabary table which he then reads aloud:

Su-ma-ho-me-u, so-ne-a-ri-ta. E-bu-e-mu-a!
Yu-te-shi-ri-to, u-tsu-a-so-ko. Mo-u”-ni-mu-a!

The day’s classes end and the DBs are about to head back with the code still unsolved: they find that the news about the corpse in the warehouse and the code are already circulating in the Internet. When they are about to leave Rumi asks them to help her find limestone once again: they enter the old warehouse again and find signs of someone having searched the place.

It’s been 2 hours since the news were emitted so there was plenty of time for anyone to ransack the place.

But it’d seem that the basement is untouched, however. Mitsuhiko hurries the group telling them to finish searching and go back: Rumi also agrees and says she’d like to go back home and have some whisky or something like that.

Whisky… Ebisu beer… The colors are the key to order the syllabary’s contents! And Conan then realizes the code is related to the case of 10 years ago…

Side-note: Has the code been decoded!? But there seems to be a dangerous figure behind this case!! Next number, the resolution!

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