Detective Conan Chap 966

Detective Conan Chapter 966 [Raw & English Version]

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File 966: Scytale Cypher

The day after after the trick box case Conan tells the DBs that Kid disguised as Agasa (and wrapped the real one in bamboo inside of a toilet stall).

Then homeroom teacher Kobayashi brings along a teacher with glasses: the new deputy homeroom teacher, 10 years older than Kobayashi: Wakasa Rumi.

When she bows she hits the forehead with the teacher’s desk and doesn’t seem too reliable.

Haibara suggests to Conan than since there have been several new transfer students the school might’ve decided to increase the staff.

At lunch time Rumi asks Conan & co. to lend her a hand: she wanted to draw the lines for the PE class in the school yard but turns out there are no more chalks and there are no spares so she wants them to look for chalks in an old warehouse that seems like the type of place where a ghost would appear.

A mere glance tells you it’s falling apart and it’s never been locked ever since Shinichi was an elementary student: back then the headmaster said at the graduation ceremony that they wouldn’t tore it apart: he used Feng Shui as an argument to not to do so.

The warehouse seems to wear down even as Conan explains this to the others. He tries to motivate the others to go in but when he graps the handle a voice calls out and tells him not to touch that: Conan and the others ignore that since they were ordered to go in yet turns out it’s dark on the inside.

The DBs use the flashlights Agasa gave them to search for the chalks: they find a worn down timetable and a door leading to the basement: someone’s opened it recently because some rust is missing from the doorknob. When the DBs lift the door they find a corpse become skeleton below the stairs.

They have Rumi report this to the police through her cellphone and in the meanwhile they inspect the corpse: Conan estimes it’s been between 5 and 10 years this person died and holds something that looks like a headband on the right hand: it’s got cocked writing that makes it hard to figure out anything from it.

Conan recalls than when he and Ran were elementary students Ran found this “magical string” and it’s probable that the text written on it was on Chinese.

The headband was linked to the doorknob so when Conan tries to untie to show it to Rumi a mysterious old man shows up and warns them:

“You musn’t touch that, you know? Because it’s the magical string that… keeps a frightening monster sealed into this storeroom…”

Shiratori and the police come to the warehouse: it’s estimated the corpse is from over 10 years ago: it doesn’t have anything that helps ID it, and it’s estimated that it surely was trying to take anything when they slipped and fell down thus diying. The police decide this isn’t a case so they retrieve the corpse and leave: the headmaster then admits the police came to the school 10 years ago.

A group of 4 robbers broke into a wealthy person’s home and robbed there as well as killing the owner: they stole gold bars estimated to be worth 200 million yen (aprox 20 million USD) and ran away. Someone back then reported seeing mysterious figures coming in and out of Teitan Elementary’s precint so the police came to investigate that.

The headmaster says that no-one knows what became of the 4 robbers: they might be living somewhere cowering in fear or maybe they are about to die.

Conan then says that the string’s writing might be a Scytale Cypher: you write a unique text in a string tied to a stick and when you undo the string you get a row of unknown letters: the police have retrieved it but Conan took a photo of it with the phone and asked Haibara to have it be printed.

They wait for Haibara to return and, when she does, they find out that when they try to wrap the string around the stick they get something undecipherable instead of what they expected: maybe the stick’s length needs to be longer or maybe there’s something to it…

Side-note: “They fail at deciphering the Scytale Encryption!? And, say… Isn’t this teacher (Rumi) suspicious!?”

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