Detective Conan Chap 965

Detective Conan Chapter 965 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoiler

File 965: Diary

Conan’s figured out the trick so he gathers everyone to recreate it.

He borrows a pen and a notebook from Okiya: he torns off an empty page and tears it into small pieces: he writes a circle in (each pieces’) front and rear and makes Kogoro remember those before he stuffs those into the notebook.

It looks like you’ll be able to find them at once but they don’t appear when others check the notebook: if you take a closer look at it you see that that the edge of the page where Conan stuffed the circles is slightly torn and the papers will jump off the page when you flip it: there’s a similar trick to the exchange diary: since the widow fully opened the pages when re-reading it she avoided this trap.

So: which of the books is the right one? It’s the one the widow doesn’t need to read: the page with the potato and meat stew recipe: since her late husband’s mother told her the recipe herself there was no need to read it up on the cooking book: Kogoro begins to wrestle with the heap of books…

… There’s a sudden blackout and the sound of a music box playing “Grandfather’s clock” rings out: the emergency lights go on and they see that Kid’s card is stabbed into the trick box: Jirokichi wants to chase Kid but the widow stops him saying it’d be inelegant: she says that something far more precious and full of memories than the jewel should be left inside.

When the widow suggests checking out what’s inside Agasa suddenly says he’s got stomach ache and runs off to the toilet: turns out he was Kid: what gave him away was that Agasa never calls Conan “Conan-kun” when they are alone (he actually says “Shinichi-kun”). Conan spotted that the fingers’ bandages were in different positions too which also gave him away.

Conan also found odd that Agasa could pick a book which Ran didn’t reach even by climbing into a seat despite that Agasa and Ran are supposed to be of the same height: Conan guesses the box hasn’t actually been opened: since the box is from the 19th century the song “Grandfather’s clock” wasn’t used back then.

It’d seem that when Kid, accepting the challenge, came to the library yet he’d actually met the late husband in one ocassion time ago and saw the jewel before he shut the box: the jewel was but an add-on and the actual contents are the famed exchange diary.

So Kid is about to leave without doing anything but Okiya is keeping the toilet’s stall door locked from the outside: the picture that Kid took of Okiya before coming to the library seems to show something Okiya doesn’t want others to see.

So Kid leaves his smartphone there and makes his escape: and it’d seem he got stuck for 12 hours to avoid the police’s search for him afterwards.

Side-note: “Even Kid shuddered and got intimidated by Subaru – san… He successfully retrieved the photograph. Sunday #33 will have a new series starring the Detective Boys. Next week will have a break for the author to gather materials. To be continued in Issue #33.”

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