ClothingCraft Mod for Minecraft

Download ClothingCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10

ClothingCraft Mod

ClothingCraft Mod

Welcome to ClothingCraft Mod

What is ClothingCraft Mod?

Have you ever dreamt of customizing clothes and making them more realistic? If your dreamt likes this, download and install ClothingCraft Mod for Minecraft right now.

This mod provides you a ton of fabrics and other things to have a large amount of clothing combinations. In fact, you can create 226,759,808 outfits. It is really wonderful, is not it? Perhaps, our minecraft world will be better with these outfits which consist of shirts, pants and shoes. These shirts have a sleeve color, a trim color and a base color while there is only one color for pants and two colors for shoes. Remember that you need fabric to make clothing.

How to make fabric?

Firstly, put wool into the grid (as pictured below).


Next, to change the color of the fabric, you need to use dyes.


In order to create a new color, you can combine two fabrics.


Here are guides to create a new color. In fact, there are 22 kinds of fabrics made from combinations of two colors.

  1. Black Fabric= White Fabric + Ink Sac
  2. Dark Gray Fabric= Gray Fabric + Black Fabric
  3. Gray Fabric= White Fabric + Gray Dye=White Fabric + Black Fabric
  4. Light Gray Fabric= White Fabric + Light Gray Dye= White Fabric + Gray Fabric
  5. Yellow Fabric=White Fabric + Dandelion Yellow
  6. Bright Yellow Fabric= Yellow Fabric + White Fabric
  7. Mustard Yellow Fabric= Yellow Fabric + Orange Fabric
  8. Orange Fabric= White Fabric + Orange Dye= Yellow Fabric + Red Fabric
  9. Red Fabric= White Fabric + Rose Red
  10. Pink Fabric= White Fabric + Pink Dye
  11. Dark Pink Fabric= Pink Fabric + Gray Fabric
  12. Blue Fabric= White Fabric + Lapis Lazuli
  13. Light Blue Fabric= White Fabric + Light Blue Dye= White Fabric + Blue Fabric
  14. Dark Blue Fabric= Blue Fabric + Dark Gray Fabric
  15. Turquoise Fabric= Blue Fabric + Yellow Fabric
  16. Violet Fabric= White Fabric + Purple Dye
  17. Purple Fabric= Violet Fabric + Light Gray Fabric
  18. Royal Violet Fabric= Purple Fabric + Dark Gray Fabric
  19. Brown Fabric= White Fabric + Cocoa Beans
  20. Beige Fabric= Brown Fabric + Light Gray Fabric
  21. Dark Beige Fabric= Beige Fabric + Light Gray Fabric
  22. Crimson Fabric= Pink Fabric + Red Fabric

How to make a shirt?

First, it is necessary to make two sleeves. Then, choose the base color, the trim color and the style of the shirt. After crafting the shirt base, combine two sleeves and the base to make a shirt.

How to make pants and shoes?



Installation of ClothingCraft Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Go to %appdata% in your start menu
  3. Find “.minecaft” folder
  4. Go to “mods” folder
  5. Download the mod in the link below
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded mod into “mods” folder
  7. Run minecraft
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