BitEssentials Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft

Download BitEssentials Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft

1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.5

BitEssentials Bukkit Plugin

BitEssentials Bukkit Plugin

What is BitEssentials

This plugin for administrating server and players can show their exp, craftbukkit version and ip address etc. BitEssentials is still a Work In Progress plugin. In future releases contains lots of features. Such as sign commands and teleporation etc.

⇒Configuration File


  • Work with Permission plugins
  • Players can see their EXP
  • Easy to feed player
  • Easy to Heal player
  • Show server’s bukkit version & IP Address
  • Show player info
  • Teleport commands (Warp, spawn, home,back)
  • Sign Colors



  1. Extract ZIP file
  2. Put downloaded file into plugins folder
  3. Reload your server
  4. Configure permissions. (If you have a permission plugin)
  5. Start your server. Enjoy!

Command and Permissions

If you see < > this means this information is required to be filled in by you.
If you see [ ] this means this information can be filled in by you or left blank.

Do NOT include the < > or [ ] tags when executing the command.

Command Description Permission
/announce [message] Announce a message bessentials.announce
/back Returns to the last location bessentials.back
/bit BitEssentials bessentials.bit
/bithelp BitEssentials commands.
/clear [playername] Clear inventory bessentials.clear
/delwarp [warpname] Deletes a warp bessentials.warp.del
/delhome [homename] Deletes a home. bessentials.home.del
/exp See your EXP information bessentials.exp
/feed [playername] Feed yourself or other player bessentials.feed
/fly [playername] Toggle fly mode
/heal [playername] Heal yourself or other player bessentials.heal
/home [homename] Teleport to your home bessentials.home.home
/homel [playername] Show specified player’s homes bessnetials.home.listothers
/homes List of your home bessentials.home.list
/homev [playername] [homename] Visits a players home bessentials.home.visit
/info Show server info
/iteminfo Show item info bessentials.iteminfo
/gm [gamemode(0,1,2)] [playername] Change Gamemode bessentials.gamemode.survival
/gmcheck [playername] See other player’s gamemode bessentials.gamemode.check
/pinfo [playername] Show player info. bessentials.pinfo
/repair Repair items in hand.
/sethome [homename] Set home. bessentials.home.set
/setspawn Set world’s spawn point. bessentials.setspawn
/setwarp [warpname] Set warp bessentials.warp.set
/spawn Teleport to spawn point bessentials.spawn
/warp [warpname] Teleport to warp bessentials.warp.warp
/warps Warps list bessentials.warp.list

Sign Commands

Type [command] on sign’s first line.

Command Sign Permission
Heal [Heal] bessentials.sign.create.heal
Feed [Feed] bessentials.sign.create.feed
Oxygen [Oxygen] bessentials.sign.create.oxygen
Suicide [Suicide] bessentials.sign.create.suicide
Spawn [Spawn] bessentials.sign.create.spawn
Repair [Repair]

Author: bil0203

Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.4
Tags: Bukkit, Plugin, Server, Essentials, Teleportation, Teleport

Download BitEssentials Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft


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