Auto Insurance: Frequency questions about car Insurance

Auto Insurance: Frequency questions about car Insurance


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There are bunch of information and offer about car’s insurances.  People find it difficult to find out which one is suitable with their situation. There are so many question about it. So let take a look at these frequency questions and Answers about auto insurances.

Who do I need to list as a driver on my auto insurance policy?

You need to list these people as a driver on your auto insurance policy:

– All household members.

– Any licensed individual who regularly operates the vihicle.

– Each operator must be listed as a principle or occasional operator.

(Note: The auto insurance company can deny your claim if your information is incorrect, even if there is no intent to deceive the company.

What limits should I maintain on my policy?

To ensure proper coverage, we suggest: $250,000 per person; $500,000 per accident and $250,000 property damage.

– Optional Bodily Injury to others.

– Property damage

– Injured caused by uninsured or Under-insured motorist.

Should I carry Collision and/or comprehensive coverage?

These coverage’s pay for damages to your vehicle in the accident. This coverage are highly recommended.

Am I covered if I rent a vehicle while on vacation?

As long as you are in the U.S., its teritories, or Canada, the coverages on your auto policy can be used when renting a vehicle. This means that as long as you have the corresponding coverages on your auto policy, they will cover you when driving a rented vehicles for bodily injury, property damage to others and damage to the rental vehicle. It will also cover any drivers listed on the rental agreement that are also listed on your policy. However, when you sign the rental agreement, you typically agree to be responsible for replacement cost of the vehicle, lost income, and or depreciated value. Your auto policy does not cover these items. You should check with your credit card company as some of them include coverage for these items or consider taking the insurance offered by the rental company if you are concerned about these coverages.

If I am “Not at fault”, do I still have to cover my deductible?

A waiver of deductible can be added to your collision coverage to prevent you from having to cover the deductible in the accident of a loss, as long as there is another identifiable driver that is deemed to be at-fault.

If I lose the use of my auto, will the auto insurance company pay to rent me one?

If you have substitute transportation coverage and cannot use your vehicle because of a covered collision or comprehensive loss, the company will pay the limit that you chose for up to 30 days or until you regain use of your auto towards a rental car.

Ask your Auto insurance Agent if you are eligible for any discounts.

– Paperless billing.

– Safe Driver discount for not having an accident or violation in the last 6 years.

– Good student discount for student drivers under 25 and enrolled in school full-time with a B average.

– Student away at school discount for a student attending school over 100 miles from home.

– Driver training course discount for completing state-approved safety courses.

– Low mileage discount for drivers with low annual mileage.

– Mature driver discount for those who completed eligible safety courses.

– Anti-theft device discount for protective features.

Auto Insurance: Frequency questions about car Insurance

Auto Insurance: Frequency questions about car Insurance

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